Noah's Arc Real Estate
In 2005, Rakkan Holding was founded as a property investment company in Morocco, soaring from the starting blocks into one of today’s prominent real estate investment players.

Noah's Arc Real Estate

Noah’s Arc is a real estate company that holds assets for future development while Dounya Property Investments actually develops the properties. The real estate industry is a dynamic industry that requires flexibility. Whether an independent acquisition through Dounya Property Investment or investment into a land acquisition with plans to develop a new asset, Noah’s Arc is equipped with real estate financial analysts who review the current global economy and its demands; assess market conditions so as to protect its investors’ properties during low economic times.

Similarly, Noah’s Arc views every market as an opportunity. As global citizens, decisions to invest in a new market is supported by local and global data points.

In this day and age, acting on feelings alone can sacrifice top and bottom line figures so Noah’s Arc acts as a checks-and-balances subsidiary of Rakkan Holding to ensure properties are strategically positioned and developed at opportune times, so as to advise and protect its shareholders investments through a proper taxation method in a free zone vehicle.
Sustainability Approach

About Noah's Arc Real Estate

Noah’s Ark Investments is a full service Real Estate solutions firm located in Colorado Springs, CO with an overall vision to develop Sustainable Garden Cities worldwide. Our main focus in the industry is new construction, which we use the principles of Vedic Architecture to develop. These buildings are sustainable in terms of their basic requirements—water, energy, food, and waste treatment. Absolutely zero utility bills after construction!

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