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Byblos Properties Vision and Mission are synchronized in delivering the best real estate services and property development. Our Vision is to keep developing the best portfolio of real estate developments in Morocco while we strive for the satisfaction of our clients, partners, and colleagues. With a focus on location and comfort, we offer our clients a combination of an ideal environment for property investment suitable both for income generation and self-living. We are constantly developing our organization faithfully to the core values we have since our early days

We constantly extend our portfolio, retaining the inflow of project acquisition at high levels, minimizing the time between acquisition and development. We reinvest capital efficiently and quickly, to deliver projects on time, on budget, and on targets, achieving the highest profit margins possible.
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At Byblos Properties, we have a pioneering track record of confidently pushing boundaries to deliver iconic developments that transform lives and communities. We are unafraid to be the first to suggest bold, landscape-changing ideas. And not just the landscape of the skyline – the lifestyle and social landscape of our city and country. 

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We’re passionate about creating the ultimate, exclusive living experiences.

Maison 5* Serviced Villa - Marakesh - Morocco

Welcome to the Amelkis Villa Spa & Golf Resorts – II

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